Collaboration Center - Seller Side and Preference Wizard

Collaboration Center - Seller Side and Preference Wizard
This webinar will look at the Seller's Side of Collaboration Center and what the seller will see regarding Agent and Buyer interest in their property. We will also run the Collaboration Center Wizard which sets up how your clients, both Buyers and Sellers, will use your Collaboration Center. Using the webinar tool, you can ask the trainer questions during the webinar by typing and sending it to them. Webinars are scheduled based on Central Time Zone. Please verify the start time based on your time zone. Please note, this webinar may be cancelled given the following conditions: ? No one has registered for this webinar 1-hour prior to the start of this webinar. ? No one has joined the webinar within the 10-minutes of the webinar's start. We look forward to working with you during this webinar. This webinar maybe recorded. I do not plan on unmuting your microphones during the webinar. Your continued attendance in this webinar is confirmation that you consent to such recording.




8/22/2022 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Pacific Daylight Time

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